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Goh Meng Seng slammed by forumers again !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on May 23, 2008

Shameless fat ass Goh Meng Seng made a ludicrious post about Yaw Shin Leong being “backstabbed” by a female forumer for revealing what he posted on his blog about voting for the PAP during the last GE and is duly tekaned by forumers here:


As usual, this asshole ran away and MIA after he realized what a fool he has made himself to be !!!

Please DO NOT VOTE for this proven resident clown of SBF the next GE !!!



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Forumers screwed GMS for talking rot again !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on February 5, 2008

As usual, GMS has incurred the wrath of neutral forumers by talking rubbish again to piss them off !

Why must he always offend people with his senseless frivolous speech ?

Is there something wrong with his character ?


From:  pinkslave   10:01 
To:  GohMengSeng unread  281 of 288 
  165483.281 in reply to 165483.264 
Dear Mr Goh,

From the start, you are making a very good step to reply me, by ignoring me is not going to help.

Let it be clear, I am not with anyone but myself in this forum. I am standing with my own ground not anyone. View is my personal view, action is my personal action. It has nothing to do with others.

Whether you are a good person or not. I am not saying anything. Your grandmaster BUDDHA will judge on this. BOSS all I can say is this, your are totally brainless.

I am not deaf I heard what you say and my reply is you are not helping me nor I think it is going to help anyone.

I was told that you are of Econ In NUS or whatever. Looking at you will tell how our education have fail to produces a moron like you.

All the while, I was very sad why in IT field we are having directors of your kind which refuse to listen with their ear. It is not surprise that IT fail totally in pieces.

Mr Goh, I do not know how you get your cert, but I can say that your math is very poor. You should start from pri school again. Attend It with your child.

Mr Goh you know I am attacking you. There is no wrong it is personal attack. Sorry, but from now as long as I live, I shall continue until the day I left this world.


From:  bangy   10:50 
To:  GohMengSeng unread  282 of 288 
  165483.282 in reply to 165483.269 
Dear Cheebye mouth.

I was kinda like want to give chance to you.

But now I shall give you a big ang pow since you would bring out my stand and insist I am confusing the issue.


You cock talking, smoke throwing days are over.

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Hypocrite GMS criticized forumer for making personal accusations

Posted by bullshitgms on February 5, 2008


“Only people that could not discuss this issue in proper perspective will start to make personal accusations, putting labels and side tracking or even mixing with many other issues to de-focus from the real issue at hand”

In the above post, NSP CEC member Mr Goh Meng Seng criticize forumers who don’t agree with him as “making personal accusations”.

However, Mr Goh Meng Seng forgot that he is the one who has perfected the art of “online mudslinging”.

He called a forumer “stupid” here after losing a debate:


And again he raved like a mad dog against another forumer who outwitted him:


Mr Goh Meng Seng, I suggest you take a look at yourself in the mirror before preaching to others.

You are a LIAR, a HYPOCRITE and a MORON !

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GMS disgrace opposition again in The New Paper 19 Dec 2007

Posted by bullshitgms on December 19, 2007

gms1jpg.jpg picture by robertfbutts

gms3jpg.jpg picture by robertfbutts

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GMS calls forumer STUPID

Posted by bullshitgms on December 8, 2007


In the post below, Goh Meng Seng, ex-WP and present NSP CEC leader calls an anonymous forumers “stupid” and ask him to go for a “pig brain transplant”.

Is this the behavior expected of somebody who:

1. Took part in the GE last year to represent Singaporeans in Parliament ?

2. An opposition leader and CEC member.

3. Boasts about his Buddhist credentials here ? Is he a practising Buddhist ?


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GMS AWOL from SG Human Rights forum !!

Posted by bullshitgms on November 19, 2007


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Forumers slam GMS for being a COWARD !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on November 10, 2007

Forumers, angered with GMS’s arrogance and hypocrisy have started attacking him for being a COWARD by flying to Hong Kong yearly to attend their rallies, but had never took part in one in Singapore:












As usual, GMS has gone AWOL to take cover for the time-being.

But we all know HE WILL BE BACK soon…..

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Mystery person pastes complaint letter about GMS at NSP HQ

Posted by bullshitgms on November 8, 2007

A mystery complaint letter about Goh Meng Seng was pasted on the doors of the NSP Headquarters at Jalan Besar this morning:


Dear Mr Sebastian Teo,

I am a supporter of NSP and I have voted for your team in Jalan Besar during the General Election last year.

However, I have been extremely disappointed with your sudden decision to co-opt ex-WP member Goh Meng Seng into the CEC without testing him out first.

Mr Goh Meng Seng is a well-known figure in cyberspace. He had engaged in petty squabbles, flame wars and mudslinging on many occasions in internet forums which led eventually to his expulsion from WP last year.

Since joining the NSP, he had been making numerous statements on behalf of NSP with or without seeking the permission of the CEC.

In March, he boasted on Sammyboy forum about starting a “MP Mentoring course” under the auspices of the National Solidarity Party:


However till now, in spite of repeated enquiries from netizens, Mr Goh has been strangely silent on the course. So is NSP still starting it?

Mr Goh Meng Seng has also made many insensitive and careless remarks such as the statement below in which he tried to sow discord between SDP and Chia Ti Lik by alleging that SDP thought Chia is a PAP mole. When asked to substantiate his statements, Mr Goh is unable to do so:


In his latest outburst, Mr Goh Meng Seng launched a vicious attack on an anonymous forumer “thinknothing” by calling him names like “shameless”, “coward”, “moron” and “beast” several times in a public internet forum:





It is unbecoming and inconceivable that Mr Goh Meng Seng, a public figure and political leader who took part in the last General Election under WP’s “A” Team in Aljunied GRC has to resort to such childish underhand personal attacks in order to vent his frustrations and anger on an anonymous nick in cyberspace. If only Mr Goh has directed his vibes at the PAP instead. Is this personal attack sanctioned by NSP CEC?

The NSP is a credible opposition party which has been active in the local political arena since the last General Election and I must comment you on your worthwhile efforts. However it is becoming clear that Mr Goh Meng Seng is becoming a liability to NSP with his frequent uncontrolled “free speech” in cyberspace. Why did Mr Low Thia Kiang forbid WP CEC members from posting in internet forums using their real name? There must be a reason why.

Unlike the respectable Mr Steve Chia who has won the accolades of many with his gusty performance as an NCMP in Parliament last term, Mr Goh Meng Seng has instead chose to “publicize” himself by quarreling with anonymous individuals in cyberspace and getting “interviewed” by the media for all the wrong reasons.

There is even a blog dedicated to him: www.bullshitgms.wordpress.com

Mr Sebastian Teo, for the future of NSP, I sincerely hope you can have a good talk with Mr Goh Meng Seng and advise him to be more discreet in making internet postings using his real name as netizens will invariably associate him with NSP. If Mr Goh is still recalcitrant, then you may like to seriously consider whether he is truly a valuable member in the NSP CEC.

Mr Goh Meng Seng has already acquired a notorious reputation in cyberspace. I doubt he will ever win an election Singapore. To continue to have him in the party will prove to be a handicap in the future should NSP be implicated and even attacked for his careless online remarks. Mr Low Thia Kiang has wisely “dispense” with Mr Goh’s “services” in WP, perhaps you would like to consider this option too for the sake of the party.


Timothy Koh S P

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Goh Meng Seng raved like a mad dog to anonymous forumer

Posted by bullshitgms on November 5, 2007

Mr Goh Meng Seng has on numerous occasions, without provocation, called an ordinary netizen and Singaporean degrading names not once, but several times.

Is this behavior acceptable of a political leader and public figure who once run for the GE ?

If Mr Goh has to resort to insulting an anonymous forumer to vent his frustrations, can you imagine what will happen if he gets into Parliament ? Wouldn’t it become an asylum ?


From:  GohMengSeng   11:26 
  157649.13 in reply to 157649.10 
Hello coward,

You actually dare to do things but don’t dare to admit? LOL!

I will only know how many votes I get during elections. 😉

I really have the best laugh you know! LOL! For all the follies you are doing!

So by the way, are you going to the right venue for Mr. Low’s meet the people session? Please don’t lose your way there ok? LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing will come out from COWARDS!


From:  GohMengSeng   11:48 
  157657.2 in reply to 157657.1 
Dear Shameless COWARD,

Are you going to send your present PERSONALLY to WP at Mr. Low’s meet the people session at Blk 310 Hougang? LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing will DEFINITELY come out from Shameless COWARD!


From:  GohMengSeng   11:33 
  157644.6 in reply to 157644.5 
Dear Nothing to think,

You are not ordinary coward, but also a very clumsy shallow coward! LOL!

Trying to show off what you did but don’t dare to admit it? But just leak out your intention of “splitting Reform Party”and all those information that indicate that you are the one behind this operations! LOL!

What a clumsy shallow coward you are! Got too excited and spew everything out! LOL! You cannot be 007 lah! LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing can come out from COWARDS!


From:  GohMengSeng   11:44 
  157649.16 in reply to 157649.14 

Thank you for admitting you are a COWARD! So that others will have no problem for me to call you that. LOL! Now you are saying you are not äshame to be coward, so can I call you Shameless COWARD? LOL!

For your information, I am enjoying it every minute in calling you COWARD….no no now its SHAMELESS COWARD, not angry at all! LOL!

But it seems that by what you are writing now, you are the one who are angry! LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing will DEFINTELY come out from SHAMELESS COWARD!

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And more than 90% think he still haven’t learnt his lesson !

Posted by bullshitgms on October 31, 2007


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