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BULLSHIT GMS disgraces NSP again

Posted by bullshitgms on July 31, 2007


2 ex-WP men cross swords in Net forum
By Aaron Low

TWO former senior members of the Workers’ Party (WP) are slugging it out on the Internet, causing a stir among netizens.

For about a month, Mr Goh Meng Seng, 37, and Mr Chia Ti Lik, 34, have been airing their differences over a range of topics, from political ideals to elections in Singapore, on a popular online forum. Lately, the criticisms have also become personal, with each attacking how the other conducts an argument.

The Internet was also the cause of the duo leaving WP. Mr Goh, who was a WP central executive council (CEC) member, resigned last November following a posting which he said had tarnished WP’s image. He had called an online forum participant ‘scheming’ and ‘lacking in integrity’.

Shortly after he left, WP banned its members from making postings online in their own name.

It prompted Mr Chia, then WP’s deputy organising secretary, to quit in protest.

Mr Goh is now a CEC member of the National Solidarity Party. Mr Chia has not joined any party.

With their new-found freedom, both men crossed swords several times online in the past month about former NSP CEC member Edmund Ng quitting to join the party which veteran politician J.B Jeyaretnam is planning to set up.

In the discussion, Mr Goh said there was only one thing that would cause him to quit NSP and the scenario he painted was of his party winning 95 per cent of the votes in a general election (GE). Such an outcome, he said, would mean the system was unfairly tilted to one party.

Countering this, Mr Chia said Mr Goh had left WP when it won just one seat in the 2006 GE. When contacted, Mr Chia said he had not meant to be hostile, but wanted Mr Goh to clarify his position. ‘I am still on talking terms with Meng Seng,’ he added.

But Mr Goh’s remarks have left others seething, including Mr Ng, who said: ‘The forum participants think he’s not talking sense and is trying to score points. I have decided not to reply to him.”

Mr Goh shrugged off the criticisms, saying they are ‘part of the new, evolving political culture here and the new media is where it is at. And I want to be there as it grows,’ he said.

Mr Goh’s postings do not rankle NSP president Sebastian Teo, who said: ‘We trust our members to conduct themselves in a fair manner in arguments, whether public or private. We do not control our members.’


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Chronicles of GMS, the toilet attendant

Posted by bullshitgms on July 29, 2007


Once upon a time, there was a toilet attendant named GMS. GMS guarded and maintained a toilet at Ang Mo Kio Central.

This was what happened one day.

A man dropped a 10-cent coin in front of GMS and proceeded to enter the toilet. GMS looked at the measly 10 cents and ran after the man, saying, “You should use the urinal and not the cubicle!” GMS gestured wildly at the 1st cubicle as he said this.

The man, bewildered, walked towards the 1st cubicle and GMS stopped him again, saying, “I told you that you should use the urinal and not the cubicle!” This time, GMS gestured wildly at the 2nd cubicle as he said this, and now, the man walked bewildered to the 2nd cubicle.

The same thing was repeated for the 3rd cubicle.

The frustrated man decided to forgo the cubicles and he walked towards the urinal, whereupon GMS stopped the man and said, “When you walked towards the cubicles earlier, did you not want to shit? So you cannot now use the urinal because surely your intention was not to urinate!”

The man replied calmly that urinals were used for urinating only, and cubicles could be used for both, and that he wanted to urinate in the cubicle. The man then questioned GMS on his ability to manage the toilet.

GMS refused to budge, saying “You should not use the urinal because your intention is to shit.” The man replied that he wanted to use the cubicle to urinate and pointed out that GMS had stopped him not once, not twice, but three times.

GMS then replied, “No I never said that! When did I ever say that? Why should I be concerned whether you want to use the cubicle or urinal? Why should I be concerned as to whether you want to shit or not?”

Frustrated the man decided to walk out of the toilet. GMS ran after him and questioned him, “What is your intention in coming into the toilet and not using it? Are you coming to check on me? Gathering information on little secrets of how I run this toilet? Are you trying to destroy my livelihood and investment into keeping this toilet clean?”

The frustrated man walked off. GMS hollered after him “Hey, whether you use the toilet or not, the minute you walk in you have to pay me 10 cents.”

“But I have already paid,” said the man. GMS refused to budge, and the man then threatened to lodge a complaint to the authorities.

To be continued….

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Even GMS’s ex-comrades cannot tahan him anymore !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on July 29, 2007

Does GMS has any true friends in this world ? 


Chia takes a snipe at GMS for quitting WP after GE 2006.


Edmund Ng is frustrated with GMS’s argumentative nature.


Edmund Ng accuses GMS of twisting and turning his statements.


Forumer questioning GMS’s motives in flying off to Hong Kong to join a protest rally there, but not taking part in any in Singapore.


Chinese poem composed by forumers satirizing GMS’s reckless and frivolous online speech.

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GMS SACKED from WP for online fracas !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on July 29, 2007

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TODAY: Workers’ Party netiquette comes under fire


SOME Workers’ Party members have recently become entangled in an Internet forum “brawl”, with mudslinging and namecalling aplenty – to the extent of sparking a thread on the Young People’s Action Party online forum entitled “WP members being complained (sic) on internet forums”. This has garnered more than 80 postings since Oct 14.

One netizen, Mohammad Razari – who claims to be a third-year Singapore Polytechnic electrical engineering student residing in Hougang Ave 1 and says he is a former participant in WP’s outreach programmes – sent a complaint letter to WP chairman Sylvia Lim and secretary-general Low Thia Khiang, citing what he thought to be unacceptable online conduct by WP members such as party webmaster Goh Meng Seng.

He said Mr Goh, a computer retail businessman, was narrow-minded to have called a forum participant “scheming” and “lacking in integrity” after “losing an argument”. He also thought Mr Goh had threatened to sue another forum participant for implying that Mr Goh visited the http://www.sggirls.com forum.

In general, WP members were accused of being “argumentative”, attempting to “sow discord” between various party supporters and even of taking the guise of online “clones” – or posting replies under alternative usernames – to “influence perception”.

These online rumblings are reflected on Sammyboy threads called “Complaint letter to WP Central Executive Committee” and “Any respond (sic), follow up from Sylvia and WP?” with more than 40 and nearly 200 postings respectively.

When approached by TODAY for a response, Mr Goh clarified he had “categorically said (he) will not sue” the forum participant for his misinformed statement. He explained the SG Girls forum shared the same database as http://www.sgforums.com, and that he does not frequent the former site.

As for his harsh words used on the forum participant, Mr Goh said: “What I said could have been harsh but you have to look at it in context. People who argue with me will find me argumentative. But since his agenda is questionable, I am not going to engage him in discussions any more.”

Mr Goh, who has been active in the forum scene since 2003, said he still thinks Internet forums are a good venue to answer critics and eventually win them over. Nevertheless, he added that postings on such freewheeling forums “have to be taken with a pinch of salt”.

As with all things online, not every posting can be taken at face value. WP Youth Wing president Perry Tong recently filed a police report after someone impersonated his identity on the Sammyboy online forums – also on Oct 14, coincidentally.

In the impersonated posting, “Perry Tong” sent WP member “Melvin Tan” a message that read: “We must keep ‘forumers’ here constantly updated about WP activities. Keep clear of mudslinging and personal attacks. I have already instructed Meng Seng and Andrew to stop.”

In an email response to TODAY, WP chairman Ms Lim said: “We are aware that there is activity in the Sammyboy forums involving WP members. Such communications are engaged in the personal capacity of the members concerned as we have not appointed any official spokesman for Internet communications. The official position of the party is to be found on our website and official statements issued.”

Ms Lim added the party is reviewing some existing “general guidelines” for office bearers regarding Internet communications, “with a view to issuing some guidelines to all members”.

In view of the online backlash to WP’s presence, Internet observer Siew Kum Hong said: “One really has to be very disciplined and restrained when participating in such forums. If one engages long enough in such a medium, it is inevitable there will be a backlash from the community. It’s then a question of how one deals with it. This is probably why you don’t see the PAP MPs engaging in such Internet forums.”

In channels such as blogs or websites – which are employed by PAP MPs, such as the http://www.p65.sg site – one can control one’s message and how one chooses to engage the public, he said.

Nanyang Technological University Associate Professor in Political Science, Prof Ho Khai Leong believes both extremes – that of the MPs’ aim to “reach, teach and preach” and the netizens’ mission to “analyse, scrutinise and criticise” – will help mould cyberspace.

He said: “Both these approaches, in their extreme forms, will no doubt invite criticisms, which I think is healthy. As political blogs and bloggers and forumers mature and become more mundane – as we are seeing in many blogs – the more serious and thoughtful blogs and forums will make the more absurd and outlandish ones irrelevant in our everyday discourse of politics in cyberspace.”

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Poem dedicated to the “talent” of GMS the BULLSHIT

Posted by bullshitgms on July 29, 2007

樑上戏子自多情 liang shang xi zi zi duo qing
信口开河乃本性 xin kou kai he nai ben xing
网际狂言无禁忌 wang ji kwang yan wu jin ji
严然梁山智多星 yan ran liang shan zhi duo sing
吴用有知必汗颜 wu yong you zhi bi han yan
明知故犯还嘴硬 ming zhi gu fan hai jui ying
盛名不立惹是非 sheng ming bu li re shi fei
笨拙多言必多失 ben zhuo duo yan bi duo shi
蛋击石头欲保全 dan ji shi tou yu bao quan
也许吴公一乡情 ye xu wu gong yi xiang qing

This low-life clown ingratiates himself, delighted
It is his nature to boast and brag unimpeded!
On the net, his words gush out as the river flows
Thinking he’s as good as the adviser of Water Margin heroes!

If he came to know about it, Wu Yong would sweat in shame
Looking at Goh Meng Seng’s denial through his putrid claims!
Not having built a good name but is only a petty clown
His clumsy words will bring him down!

Smashing an egg on a rock, thinking the egg can cope
So be it, Mr Goh, that’s only your fat hope!

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