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BULLSHIT GMS disgraces NSP again

Posted by bullshitgms on July 31, 2007


2 ex-WP men cross swords in Net forum
By Aaron Low

TWO former senior members of the Workers’ Party (WP) are slugging it out on the Internet, causing a stir among netizens.

For about a month, Mr Goh Meng Seng, 37, and Mr Chia Ti Lik, 34, have been airing their differences over a range of topics, from political ideals to elections in Singapore, on a popular online forum. Lately, the criticisms have also become personal, with each attacking how the other conducts an argument.

The Internet was also the cause of the duo leaving WP. Mr Goh, who was a WP central executive council (CEC) member, resigned last November following a posting which he said had tarnished WP’s image. He had called an online forum participant ‘scheming’ and ‘lacking in integrity’.

Shortly after he left, WP banned its members from making postings online in their own name.

It prompted Mr Chia, then WP’s deputy organising secretary, to quit in protest.

Mr Goh is now a CEC member of the National Solidarity Party. Mr Chia has not joined any party.

With their new-found freedom, both men crossed swords several times online in the past month about former NSP CEC member Edmund Ng quitting to join the party which veteran politician J.B Jeyaretnam is planning to set up.

In the discussion, Mr Goh said there was only one thing that would cause him to quit NSP and the scenario he painted was of his party winning 95 per cent of the votes in a general election (GE). Such an outcome, he said, would mean the system was unfairly tilted to one party.

Countering this, Mr Chia said Mr Goh had left WP when it won just one seat in the 2006 GE. When contacted, Mr Chia said he had not meant to be hostile, but wanted Mr Goh to clarify his position. ‘I am still on talking terms with Meng Seng,’ he added.

But Mr Goh’s remarks have left others seething, including Mr Ng, who said: ‘The forum participants think he’s not talking sense and is trying to score points. I have decided not to reply to him.”

Mr Goh shrugged off the criticisms, saying they are ‘part of the new, evolving political culture here and the new media is where it is at. And I want to be there as it grows,’ he said.

Mr Goh’s postings do not rankle NSP president Sebastian Teo, who said: ‘We trust our members to conduct themselves in a fair manner in arguments, whether public or private. We do not control our members.’


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