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Wu Ki in Hong Kong but BO JI in Singapore !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on August 24, 2007


A prominent Singaporean opposition politician who flew all the way to Hong Kong in June to take part in a protest march and then returned to boast about it here:


has remained strangely silent about forumers’ attempt to hold one “black Sunday” march on 8th September.

Mr Goh, it’s time to share your “experience” with forumers here and TAKE THE LEAD to run the show !

Where are you, stop hiding in your tortoise shell, please step forward to fight for the people as you always claim you will do !


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GMS washing WP’s “dirty linen” in public for all to enjoy !

Posted by bullshitgms on August 16, 2007

In the below thread, the great BULLSHIT GMS has the “face” to wash his ex-WP dirty panties for all to see !!!


Is this behavior becoming a political leader and public figure ?

Dear Tilik,

I put words into your mouth? I thought you have said something about unhappy about East Coast team not having enough support from party to the ST when you resigned? I might have got it wrong but that’s the impression that I have until now.

Well, may be you did not complain, just not very satisfy? Not very happy? Whatever.

If you really think it is Perry Tong’s “brain child” about the speech training, so be it. The truth is, it is a combined effort and long thought out even before Perry come into the picture. He is good at conducting such sessions, thus, tasked to do it. But I guess you have not noticed the other people who are helping.

How busy was everybody? 😉 Tilik, let’s put it this way, you are not the only one who is busy. Yes, maybe you are far out on the front that you did not notice what happens at the back. That’s fair enough.

Not benefiting from information gathered? Get this straight, who are the ones who decided not to attend the daily coord meeting?

Who provided the most photos from the whole campaign for the updating of website and others?

I don’t think my friends here will demand or expect any “thanks” from your F4 team; just don’t anyhow call people morons, that will be good enough.

“Aljunied had the almost entire party support” you say? Haha! Our principle election agent became the Chief election agent for the WHOLE PARTY, busy with all sorts of administration work at party level! In effect,

Aljunied is one election agent short, so to speak.. and it is the principle election agent that is short! Show me the proof that Aljunied had the almost entire party support! Exclusive support so to speak! And by this very words, you are implicitly saying other teams like EC do not have the party support?

I don’t really understand you, really. There is nothing wrong about going to battle as ONE team. Whether I quit subsequently thereafter due to other reasons, is really immaterial and irrelevant.


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Letter to NSP seeking clarifications on GMS’s insensitive comments on NDP

Posted by bullshitgms on August 13, 2007


I am extremely appalled and flabbergasted by the comments made by NSP CEC member Mr Goh Meng Seng when he compared last week’s NDP performance to Halloween and the Ghost festival on an internet form:


He has been slammed by many in these 2 threads:

Goh Meng Seng says he hates Singaporeans


NSP CEC agrees that NDP is full of crap


In doing so, Mr Goh has disparaged the efforts of the NDP participants who have spent so many months preparing for NDP.

As a political leader, Mr Goh should step forward to clarify his insensitive remarks made in a public forum. What will foreigners in the forum think of Singapore ?

Is Mr Goh’s views shared by the NSP CEC members ? Perhaps NSP would like to release a press statement to clarify this.

If not, I will write in to the FORUM to demand an official explanation.

Angry Singaporean

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