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Chia Ti Lik slams GMS for being a Wayang

Posted by bullshitgms on September 7, 2007

Till now, GMS has not explained why he flew all the way to HK to take part in their rallies but refused to participate in a local one.


 Meng Seng

1. Who is asking you to fight for me now? 🙂 (I am not the one finding fault with the lack of doors to HDB staircases)

2. Whoever said anything about going to the street and shouting slogans without an objective in mind? 🙂

3. You are the one who said that staircases without doors are an unsafe design flaw. My question to you is what are you going to do about it? I am trying to get you to be responsible for your words and not make passing remarks about everything without be called upon to answer for it. 🙂

4. Whose objective is it over here in question? when a certain someone has asserted that HDB staircases without doors is a design flaw? 🙂

5. Looks like you only do things that have “something achieveable in the whole process for the benefits of voters”.  YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO TAKE PART IN A PROTEST IN HONGKONG – WHAT HAVE YOU ACHIEVED FOR SINGAPOREAN VOTERS IN DOING SO?

Read carefully before you answer my friend.

Ti Lik


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