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Lame excuse given by GMS for his AWOL on 0809

Posted by bullshitgms on September 12, 2007

Mr Goh Meng Seng flew all the way to Hong Kong in June this year to take part in their protest (whatever it is) and came back to boast about it on his blog:


“I have attended the past two years’ protest march and I am glad I have the opportunity to attend my third this year. This is a very good exercise for me to feel first hand how “Asian people” could conduct peaceful political gathering and protest march in Asian cities.”

However, when forumers from SBF host a black T-shirt gathering on 080907 at Centrepoint, he did not attend and give a very lame excuse for it:


“Someone asks me whether I would be there or not. Beside the consideration of availability of time and space, I think there are more careful considerations to be made here. It would not be wise to complicate the event with partisan involvement.”

Mr Goh, no balls to go just admit it lah, why go around talking in circles and throwing smoke bombs all over the place, you think Singaporeans are fools issit ???

Even your ex-comrade Chia Ti Lik cannot tahan your hypocrisy anymore:


Meng Seng

1. Who is asking you to fight for me now? 🙂 (I am not the one finding fault with the lack of doors to HDB staircases)


5. Looks like you only do things that have “something achieveable in the whole process for the benefits of voters”.  YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO TAKE PART IN A PROTEST IN HONGKONG – WHAT HAVE YOU ACHIEVED FOR SINGAPOREAN VOTERS IN DOING SO?

Read carefully before you answer my friend.

Ti Lik

Mr Goh, what have you achieved for Singaporeans by going to Hong Kong every year to take part in their protest ???

Will you be wasting taxpayers’ money on such frivolous trip if you happened to be voted into Parliament via a freak election ???


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