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Lockeliberal calls GMS a gossip-monger !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on October 25, 2007

Even one of GMS’s GEMS, lockeliberal Marcus Tang has been sabotaged by the Grand Master’s frivolous speech !!!

Locke made a seemingly innocuous comment about Ti Lik and GMS being labeled as PAP moles by SDP supporters. GMS jumped on it and distorted the story to bobohitam was the one who called Ti Lik a PAP mole !

Mr Goh, you better explain yourself to your buddy lockeliberal and everybody here what you meant.

How can you sabo your friend like this ?


From:  lockeliberal   04:19 
  156051.265 in reply to 156051.260 
Dear Ejay

Its simple really if you do not want to believe me in particular thats fine. Since I was the one that dropped the comment which was PICKED up by my dear GMS who then proceeded to sigh make an issue out of it.



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