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Goh Meng Seng raved like a mad dog to anonymous forumer

Posted by bullshitgms on November 5, 2007

Mr Goh Meng Seng has on numerous occasions, without provocation, called an ordinary netizen and Singaporean degrading names not once, but several times.

Is this behavior acceptable of a political leader and public figure who once run for the GE ?

If Mr Goh has to resort to insulting an anonymous forumer to vent his frustrations, can you imagine what will happen if he gets into Parliament ? Wouldn’t it become an asylum ?


From:  GohMengSeng   11:26 
  157649.13 in reply to 157649.10 
Hello coward,

You actually dare to do things but don’t dare to admit? LOL!

I will only know how many votes I get during elections. 😉

I really have the best laugh you know! LOL! For all the follies you are doing!

So by the way, are you going to the right venue for Mr. Low’s meet the people session? Please don’t lose your way there ok? LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing will come out from COWARDS!


From:  GohMengSeng   11:48 
  157657.2 in reply to 157657.1 
Dear Shameless COWARD,

Are you going to send your present PERSONALLY to WP at Mr. Low’s meet the people session at Blk 310 Hougang? LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing will DEFINITELY come out from Shameless COWARD!


From:  GohMengSeng   11:33 
  157644.6 in reply to 157644.5 
Dear Nothing to think,

You are not ordinary coward, but also a very clumsy shallow coward! LOL!

Trying to show off what you did but don’t dare to admit it? But just leak out your intention of “splitting Reform Party”and all those information that indicate that you are the one behind this operations! LOL!

What a clumsy shallow coward you are! Got too excited and spew everything out! LOL! You cannot be 007 lah! LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing can come out from COWARDS!


From:  GohMengSeng   11:44 
  157649.16 in reply to 157649.14 

Thank you for admitting you are a COWARD! So that others will have no problem for me to call you that. LOL! Now you are saying you are not äshame to be coward, so can I call you Shameless COWARD? LOL!

For your information, I am enjoying it every minute in calling you COWARD….no no now its SHAMELESS COWARD, not angry at all! LOL!

But it seems that by what you are writing now, you are the one who are angry! LOL!

Goh Meng Seng

Nothing will DEFINTELY come out from SHAMELESS COWARD!


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