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Forumers screwed GMS for talking rot again !!!

Posted by bullshitgms on February 5, 2008

As usual, GMS has incurred the wrath of neutral forumers by talking rubbish again to piss them off !

Why must he always offend people with his senseless frivolous speech ?

Is there something wrong with his character ?


From:  pinkslave   10:01 
To:  GohMengSeng unread  281 of 288 
  165483.281 in reply to 165483.264 
Dear Mr Goh,

From the start, you are making a very good step to reply me, by ignoring me is not going to help.

Let it be clear, I am not with anyone but myself in this forum. I am standing with my own ground not anyone. View is my personal view, action is my personal action. It has nothing to do with others.

Whether you are a good person or not. I am not saying anything. Your grandmaster BUDDHA will judge on this. BOSS all I can say is this, your are totally brainless.

I am not deaf I heard what you say and my reply is you are not helping me nor I think it is going to help anyone.

I was told that you are of Econ In NUS or whatever. Looking at you will tell how our education have fail to produces a moron like you.

All the while, I was very sad why in IT field we are having directors of your kind which refuse to listen with their ear. It is not surprise that IT fail totally in pieces.

Mr Goh, I do not know how you get your cert, but I can say that your math is very poor. You should start from pri school again. Attend It with your child.

Mr Goh you know I am attacking you. There is no wrong it is personal attack. Sorry, but from now as long as I live, I shall continue until the day I left this world.


From:  bangy   10:50 
To:  GohMengSeng unread  282 of 288 
  165483.282 in reply to 165483.269 
Dear Cheebye mouth.

I was kinda like want to give chance to you.

But now I shall give you a big ang pow since you would bring out my stand and insist I am confusing the issue.


You cock talking, smoke throwing days are over.


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Hypocrite GMS criticized forumer for making personal accusations

Posted by bullshitgms on February 5, 2008


“Only people that could not discuss this issue in proper perspective will start to make personal accusations, putting labels and side tracking or even mixing with many other issues to de-focus from the real issue at hand”

In the above post, NSP CEC member Mr Goh Meng Seng criticize forumers who don’t agree with him as “making personal accusations”.

However, Mr Goh Meng Seng forgot that he is the one who has perfected the art of “online mudslinging”.

He called a forumer “stupid” here after losing a debate:


And again he raved like a mad dog against another forumer who outwitted him:


Mr Goh Meng Seng, I suggest you take a look at yourself in the mirror before preaching to others.

You are a LIAR, a HYPOCRITE and a MORON !

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